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Dave Powers Foundation
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Non-Profit Foundation helping The Boys and Girls Club and Military Families to carry on a dream of Dave Powers.
So what is the Dave Powers foundation? 

      The Dave Powers Foundation is a non-profit foundation registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States Federal Government. There are no paid employees in this foundation and members of the board and  advisory council also do not receive any compensation for their services,  everyone who works in the foundation are volunteers.  
     The board and advisory council meets monthly at the Constitution Inn, the Officers and Trustees are: Peter P. Colerico, President - John F.M. Walsh, Vice Presedent - Diane Coots, Secretary - Arthur Marcotti, Treasurer - J.C Bejoian, - Thomas Coots, - Dave Power, Jr - Trustees.  Hundred percent (100%) of all donations received are distributed to aid the qualified. The recipients of the foundation are active members of the armed forces that require help, and the boys and girls of the area who also are in need of assistance. 

Something about us and Dave Powers.
      The President, Mr Peter Colerico, was an assistant to Dave Powers for more than twenty five years, and was his assistant at the JFK Library in South Boston.  Peter reminds us that Dave once said "If we ever have a base in Charlestown, I'd like to help the members of the Boys and Girls clubs of Greater Boston and Military families".  To memorialize Dave's life and work and honor Dave's dream, the foundation was founded and the dream realized.

      Dave helped JFK to win the 11th Congressional district seat in 1946.  Dave also helped JFK defeat Henry Cabot Lodge in the 1952 senate race.  He accompanied JFK to the farms of Wisconsin and the hills of West Virginia in the Democratic party presidential primaries and from Maine to Alaska in the 1960 presidential race.  In April of 62, President Kennedy gave Dave a silver mug for a birthday gift with this inscription: ("There are three things which are real: God, human folly, and laughter, the first two are beyond our comprehension, so we must do what we can with the third."

      Caroline Kennedy once said "Dave Powers was a loyal and devoted friend whom my mother and father adored" "His love of life and laughter was infectious and he endeared himself to every member of our family, I will always be grateful for his personal kindness and his tireless efforts on behalf of the Kennedy library, he will always hold a treasured place in our hearts". 

      Pierre Salinger, JFK's press secretary, said Dave Powers was "The most gregarious and popular member of the staff". Kenneth O'Donnell, the presidents appointment secretary, said, "Outside of Bobby,President Kennedy had one really close friend and that was Dave Powers".  In 1972 Dave co-authored with Ken O'Donnell the best seller "Johnny, We hardly knew ye" a personal and nostalgic look at JFK's life.
      Dave was born on April 25th,1912 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, his father and mother were both from Country Cork, in Ireland.  At two years old Dave's dad died and at 10 years old he started selling newspapers at the Navy Yard to help support his family.  He graduated from Charlestown High School in 1930 and gave up his newspaper delivery business and went to work for Sampson and Murdock Publishing Company, while also taking evening courses at Boston University, Harvard, and the Boston Institute.  In 1941 he became a Time-Study analyst at Fort Devens and in 1942 joined the 14th Air Force where he served in the China-Burma-India theater untill the end of the war in 1945.  In 1946, Dave was an unemployed veteran living in a three Decker in Charlestown with his widowed sister and ten children, his mother had died in 1942.  It was there that young John F. Kennedy came on the evening of January 21st, looking for help to run his first political campaign for congress and friendship was formed that lasted until that tragic day in Dallas.  

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